Lori’s Swim School instructors are the most recognized swimming instructors in Arizona.
We have developed an ordered, disciplined approach to teaching swimming skills.

About Us

Lori’s Swim School began in 1997 and is a year-round Aquatic Facility that teaches 6-Months to Adult. The founder and owner, Lori Lewis, is WSI, Infant/Toddler, Lifeguard and CPR/First Aid certified. Lori was a health care professional in the Valley for over 10 years before starting this school. She has been teaching swimming since 1987. Lori’s Swim School has been considered as the “Best Swim School” in the greater Arizona.

At Lori’s Swim School, we provide children with the best aquatic education. As professional swim instructors, we value our vocation because it gives our students a life skill, teaches social interaction, increases self-esteem, gives a sense of accomplishment and is fun. That is the reward for our dedication, discipline and constant evaluation and improvement to our programs. All swim instructors are:

– CPR/First Aid Certified
– Lifeguard Certified
– WSI Certified

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2638 E. Christy Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85028


2638 E. Christy Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85028
Email: tooswim@cox.net
Web: www.loriswimschool.com